Cambridge University Light Entertainment Society

Auditions and Freshers’ Squash!

Sunday 7 October, 3pm onwards, Sydney Sussex Bar

We're auditioning for our Michaelmas panto, Once Upon Three Princesses. Everyone who auditions gets a part!

Once Upon Three Princesses is a silly pantomime following the adventures of Snow White and Cinderella as they travel to defeat the Wicked Queen on a quest to be recognised as fierce princesses in their own right! Move over, Mulan and Merida, here come Snow White and Cinderella!

We have lots of fun characters up for grabs including these two beloved princesses, a lion with a split personality dilemma, Guss-Guss the Mouse, a sassy Wicked Queen and many more!

The auditions are drop-in and happen at the same time as our freshers’ squash, so come along, meet some new people and audition in a safe and supportive environment. Scripts for audition scenes will be provided on the day - there's no need to prepare anything. As it's a panto, we may ask you to sing something if you're interested in one of the bigger parts.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!


Are our dramatics amateur beyond belief? Yes. Was the last Varsity match called a draw due to a lack of line learning? Yes.

Sam Raby, The Cambridge Student

We're a student-run group who bring theatre (normally daft theatre) to those who don't normally get the chance to see it, like special needs schools and retirement homes. We also do public shows to raise money for various charities.

We generally perform a play and a pantomime in both Michaelmas and Lent. In Easter we perform four short plays around a theme (designed to be manageable and relaxing for after exams!). All of these are written, directed and produced by members of the society, often first-timers.

We also just like hanging out with each other. We go see shows put on by our sister society in Oxford, OULES, and they come to see us. We usually have a camping trip to somewhere with forests or mountains in the summer, and a three-day-long New Year's party together. Some of us head up to the Edinburgh Fringe in August to do a more professional show (also normally daft), with things like actual theatres, budgets, sometimes even rehearsals.

How to get involved

Just come along to our friendly open auditions at the beginning of each term, details of which get posted here and on our mailing lists. Even if you've never done anything like this before, we'd still like to see you! We have many parts with varying levels of commitment available, so if you don't want to take on too much, or if you want to steal the show, just let us know.

If you'd like to be next term's shows, or just ask us about stuff, drop us an email.